ALLPOWERS R2500 Portable Home Backup Power Station 2500W 2016Wh

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Model: R2500

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Feature Specification

  • 2016Wh capacity;
  • 2500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4000W peak);
  • Maximum 2500W dual input in 1 hour (AC + Solar);
  • Maximum 1000W solar charge in 2 hours ;
  • 5 ways to charge (AC/Solar/Auto/Generator/Double AC+Solar);
  • 15ms uninterruptible home backup UPS;
  • Long-life LiFeP04 battery with over 3,500 charging cycles;
  • Note 1:Product does not include car charger and solar panel cable. Purchase of power station and solar panel package includes solar cable and does not include car charger
  • Note 2:If you purchase a power station and solar panel combination product, the solar panels and power station will be shipped separately.
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2016Wh 48V 42Ah

Battery type


AC Output

4x 100-120V,2500W Max (Surged 4000W)

USB-C Port

2x 5/9/15V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A, 200W Max.

USB-A Outlets

2x 5V⎓2.4A, 12W Max.
2x 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.5A, 36W Max.

2016Wh | 2500W

Large Capacity

Experience unparalleled performance with its massive 2016Wh capacity and powerful AC output of 2500W (4000W peak). This powerful power station is ready to provide reliable backup power for your home. Whether it's a stormy night or scheduled maintenance, the R2500 has what you need. Keep the lights on, your devices working, and your devices charging.

Five Ways to Recharge

From charging at home to more mobile solutions, we offer five ways to charge your R2500: AC charging, Car charging , solar charging, dual charging (AC+solar),Generator charging.

Smart Wifi and Bluetooth Control Function

Easy to realize by connecting with ALLPOWERS APP via WIFI power monitoring/function setting/remote control/system upgrade.

UPS Function: Nerver Run Out Of The Power

ALLPOWERS R2500 portable power supply is equipped with UPS (uninterruptible power supply). After turning on the UPS function, even if there is a sudden power failure, the connected electrical products will not stop and can be used as they are. There is a momentary interruption when switching, but only 15ms if the switching takes longer.Since the current of an ordinary household AC power outlet is 15A, the maximum output power is 1500W when using UPS mode.

Equipped with LiFeP04 Battery

R2500 is equipped with an excellent lithium iron phosphate battery, Due to the low energy density, it is heavier than ternary Li-ion batteries, but has excellent cycle times.Due to our unique technology, the ALLPOWERS R2500 life cycle number exceeds 3500.Even with daily use, it will last approximately 10 years or more.

High Performance BMS

ALLPOWERS R2500 uses a BMS with higher performance than ordinary portable power supplies to properly manage high temperature protection, overvoltage protection, low voltage protection, discharge low temperature protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, charging overvoltage protection, etc. to ensure user safety.

Enjoy Life with R2500

Having fun with your friend and enjoying the funny time 

Customer Reviews

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Great build quality

It's impressive. Does what Allpowers claims. Extremely quiet even with fans on high. Most of the time they don't run and if they do I can't hear them. I have it connected to a portable 1500 w heater, hairdryer, toaster and a heat gun and it power them without a sweat. It's heavy but I'm 70 and can still lift it for short distances. I recommend a dolly cart if you have to move it a lot. Display is bright and detailed with all the info needed. It stays on for 1min but pressing the power button again it lights up That is common with most power stations. The manual does not state you must hold the ac button for 3 secs to turn it ac outlets on/off. The usb and car output power button just take a one push for on/off. I found if you hold the ac button much longer it changes the 60hz to 50hz and hold again back to 60hz. Nothing in the manual about that. The android app doesn't work with my 3 android phones. The IOS app works with iphones. I've ask Allpowers about that and so they just want video showing the issue. It's an app problem that no video will show. So I've ask them for a list procedures that pushing buttons on the unit which should change settings etc. I will update if they provide with those. App issues are common problems so I hope they have updates soon. The app might work on other devices with no issues so don't avoid this for that reason. This is a superb built unit with a lot of great features and allpowers support responds quickly to questions. They even offered to send me a return authorization for full refund. I'm keeping it.