ALLPOWERS SF100 Flexible Solar Panel 100W

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ALLPOWERS SF100 Flexible Solar Panel

ALLPOWERS SF100 Flexible solar panel are made in Monocrystalline solar cells, whose conversion rate can reach 23%-25%. Honeycomb ETFE is used on the surface, and the unevenness forms refraction to collect sunlight from different angles. Coupled with the Solar Connector port with minimal loss, you can get more power at the same time. Great choice for RVs, roofs, campers, trailers, boats, cabins, sheds, tents, yachts.

Perfect Details Bring Better Quality

Easy to Install, Durable for Decade

Feature Specification

  • High Conversion Efficiency;
  • Light Weight & Extremely Flexible
  • IP68 waterproof ETFE Material,
  • Compatible With Most Solar Generators with Solar Connectors;
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